Introduction provides a Plone UI and default rules for managing HTTP response caching in Plone. It builds on z3c.caching, plone.caching and plone.cachepurging. requires Plone 4 or later.


To install, add it to the eggs list in your buildout.cfg, or as a dependency of one of your own packages in ZCML configuration will be automatically loaded via a z3c.autoinclude entry point. You will also need to install the package in Plone’s Add-ons control panel as normal.

This package depends on a number of other packages, including z3c.form and, that do not ship with Plone. You will probably want to lock down the versions for those packages using a known good set. Add this to the the extends line in your buildout.cfg, after the line that includes the Plone KGS:

extends =

Update the version number at the end of the URL as appropriate. You can find an overview of the versions here

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