Piston_mini_client is a package that allows you to easily describe an API provided by a Django server using django-piston that takes care of:

  • Serializing call arguments and deserializing responses from the api. It will deserialize json provided by Piston into light-weight objects.
  • Making the http calls for you. You should be able to call a method on an api object instead of having to fetch a particular URL.
  • Provide a in-code description of your API. Developers should be able to know your API by looking at the client code you provide.

Piston_mini_client is written with the following principles in mind:

  • It should have a small set of dependencies. We depend on httplib2 mainly because it provides caching, but you should not need to install a pile of packages just to use a rest client. Other dependencies like oauthlib and socks are only imported if you need to use oauth authentication or support proxies, respectively.
  • Errors should be informative. Backtraces should point you in the right direction to solve your problem.
  • The client library shouldn’t restrict the way you layout your API. Piston_mini_client should be able to work with just about any rest api your server implements.
  • There should be good documentation available. Clear code is great, and it should be really easy to get started with a couple of simple examples, but there should be documentation available explaining, amongst other things, these principles. :)

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