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passlib.hash.cisco_asa - Cisco ASA MD5 hash


This algorithm is not considered secure by modern standards. It should only be used when verifying existing hashes, or when interacting with applications that require this format. For new code, see the list of recommended hashes.

New in version 1.7.


Caveat Emptor

Passlib’s implementations of cisco_pix and cisco_asa both need verification. For those with access to Cisco PIX and ASA systems, verifying Passlib’s reference vectors would be a great help (see issue 51). In the mean time, there are no guarantees that passlib correctly replicates the official implementation.

Changed in version 1.7.1: A number of bugs were fixed after expanding the reference vectors, and testing against an ASA 9.6 system.

The cisco_asa class provides support for Cisco ASA “encrypted” hash format. This is a revision of the older cisco_pix hash; and the usage and format is the same.

See the cisco_pix documentation page for combined details of both these classes.