Pylons Controller Factories



ordf.pylons.ControllerFactory(ClassName, TemplateClass, base, handler)[source]

Factory class for creating a controller using one of the implementations in L{ordf.pylons}. This function is generally internal, used by the implementations themselves to define a I{FooControllerFactory} which will only take the I{base} and I{handler} arguments. See, for example, L{ordf.pylons.graph.GraphControllerFactory}.

@param ClassName: The name of the class to be returned @type ClassName: string

@param TemplateClass: The implementation of the controller @type TemplateClass: a bare class

@param base: The pylons project’s lib.base module @type base: module

@param handler: Message handler supporting read/write operations @type handler: instance of L{ordf.handler.Handler}

RDF Proxy Service

This controller is mainly intended for use by JavaScript applications that are not able to connect to remote hosts and so cannot download RDF data from them directly. As with L{ordf.pylons.graph} it takes the parameters B{uri} and B{format} specifying the (remote) URI to fetch and the format in which to return the results.

The controller will request the remote URI with I{application/rdf+xml} which is the only official RDF serialisation, will parse it using L{ordf.graph.Graph} and then serialise the results as requested.

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