Source code for openerp_proxy.plugins.external_ids


from ..plugin import Plugin
from ..orm.record import (Record,

import six

[docs]class ExternalIDS(Plugin): """ This plugin adds aditional methods to work with external_ids (xml_id) for Odoo records. """
[docs] class Meta: name = "external_ids"
[docs] def get_for(self, val, module=None): """ Return RecordList of '' for val or False :param val: value to get '' records for :param str module: module name to search '' for :rtype: RecordList :return: RecordList with '' records found :raises ValueError: if *val* argument could not be parsed ``val`` could be one of folowing types: - ``Record`` instance - ``RecordList`` instance - ``tuple(model, res_id)``, for example ``('res.partner', 5)`` - ``str``, string in format ''. **Note**, in case of *val* is *str*: if *module* specified as parameter, then *val* supposed to be *name* only. For example, folowing calls are equal:: cl.plugins.external_ids.get_for('base.group_configuration') cl.plugins.external_ids.get_for('group_configuration', module='base') """ data_obj = self.client[''] domain = [] if module is None else [('module', '=', module)] if isinstance(val, Record): domain += [('model', '=',, ('res_id', '=',] elif isinstance(val, RecordList): domain += [('model', '=',, ('res_id', 'in', val.ids)] elif isinstance(val, (tuple, list)) and len(val) == 2: model, res_id = val domain += [('model', '=', model), ('res_id', '=', res_id)] elif isinstance(val, six.string_types): if module is None: try: module, name = val.split('.') except ValueError: raise ValueError( "Bad xml_id passed. cannot fetch module name.") else: name = val domain = [('module', '=', module), ('name', '=', name)] else: raise ValueError("Cannot parse value [%r]" % val) return data_obj.search_records(domain)
[docs] def get_xmlid(self, val, module=None): """ Return *xml_id* for *val*. Note, that only first xml_id will be returned! :param val: look in documentation for `get_for <#openerp_proxy.plugins.external_ids.ExternalIDS.get_for>`__ method :param str module: module name to search xml_id for :rtype: str :return: xml_id for *val* or False if not found :raises ValueError: if *val* argument could not be parsed Note, that if *module* specified as parametr, then *val* supposed to be *name* only """ e_record = self.get_for(val, module=module) if e_record: return e_record[0].complete_name return False
[docs] def get_record(self, xml_id, module=None): """ Return *Record* instance for specified xml_id :param str xml_id: string with xml_id to search record for :param str module: module name to search Record in :rtype: Record :return: Record for *val* or False if not found :raises ValueError: if *xml_id* argument could not be parsed """ assert isinstance(xml_id, six.string_types), "xml_id must be string" e_record = self.get_for(xml_id, module=module) if e_record: e_record = e_record[0] return self.client[e_record.model].browse(e_record.res_id) return False
[docs]class Record__XMLIDS(Record): """ Simple class to add ability to get xmlid from record itself """
[docs] def as_xmlid(self, module=None): """ Get xmlid for record :param str module: module to search xmlid in :return: xmlid for this record or False :rtype: str """ return self._client.plugins.external_ids.get_xmlid(self, module=module)