Source code for openerp_proxy.experimental.ipy_utils

"""This module contains some IPython integration utils

[docs]def in_progress(seq, msg="Progress: [%(processed)d / %(total)d]", length=None): """ Iterate over sequence, yielding item with progress widget displayed. This is useful if you need to precess sequence of items with some time consuming operations .. note:: This works only in Jupyter Notebook .. note:: This function requires *ipywidgets* package to be installed :param seq: sequence to iterate on. :param str msg: (optional) message template to display. available to use 'processed' and 'total' integer vars, where 'processed' is number of items processed and 'total' is total number of items in seq. :param int length: (optional) if seq is generator, or it is not possible to apply 'len(seq)' function to 'seq', then this argument is required and it's value will be used as total number of items in seq. Example example:: import time for i in in_progress(range(10)): time.sleep(1) """ from IPython.display import display from ipywidgets import IntProgress if length is None: length = len(seq) progress = IntProgress(value=0, min=0, max=length, description=msg % {'processed': 0, 'total': length}) display(progress) for i, item in enumerate(seq, 1): progress.value = i progress.description = msg % {'processed': i, 'total': length} yield item progress.close()