Source code for openerp_proxy.connection.connection

import six
from extend_me import ExtensibleByHashType

__all__ = ('get_connector', 'get_connector_names', 'ConnectorBase')

ConnectorType = ExtensibleByHashType._('Connector', hashattr='name')

[docs]def get_connector(name): """ Return connector specified by it's name """ return ConnectorType.get_class(name)
[docs]def get_connector_names(): """ Returns list of connector names registered in system """ return ConnectorType.get_registered_names()
[docs]class ConnectorBase(six.with_metaclass(ConnectorType)): """ Base class for all connectors :param str host: hostname to connect to :param int port: port to connect to :param dict extra_args: extra arguments for specific connector. """ def __init__(self, host, port, extra_args=None): self._host = host self._port = port self._extra_args = {} if extra_args is None else extra_args self.__services = {} @property def host(self): """ Connector host """ return self._host @property def port(self): """ Connector port """ return self._port @property def extra_args(self): """ Connector extra arguments """ return self._extra_args
[docs] def update_extra_args(self, **kwargs): """ Update extra args and clean service cache """ self.extra_args.update(kwargs) self.__services = {}
def _get_service(self, name): # pragma: no cover raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def get_service(self, name): """ Returns service for specified *name* :param name: name of service :return: specified service instance """ service = self.__services.get(name, None) if service is None: service = self._get_service(name) self.__services[name] = service return service