v0.1d14, 27 April 2010
systemHasX configuration options changed to useX (and then only if possible).
v0.1d13, 19 April 2010
Override speaker avatar in scripts Stop using .txt file for nltkResponse
v0.1d12, 19 April 2010
[next] variant of [input] with automatic page turn after delay set in openallure.cfg
v0.1d11, 17 April 2010
Allow change of font and font size in openallure.cfg. Permits Chinese characters.
v0.1d10, 16 April 2010
Changed to use os.platform Changed to using unicode for sequence text
v0.1d9, 14 April 2010
Added systemHasSay to openallure.cfg and to use Mac say for text to speech Allowed keys 1 through 6 when [input] is part of question to retain answer selection function Made browser command line call dependent on
v0.1d8, 29 March 2010
Added open/start commands
v0.1d7, 25 March 2010
New three panel interface and smile/talk/listen photos
v0.1d6, 15 March 2010
Cleaned up regular expression matches a bit
v0.1d5, 10 March 2010
Added NLTK-based chatbot text input capabilities.
v0.1d4, 6 March 2010
Brought back voice recognition code.
v0.1d3, 4 March 2010
In, Sequence has path attribute to allow navigation to follow to new local source
v0.1d2, 2 March 2010
Added connection to AIML
v0.1d1, 26 February 2010
Added ability to read text from URL Added openallure.cfg configuration file Removed
v0.1d0, 12 February 2010
Initial release.

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