Package ndg :: Package httpsclient :: Module ssl_context_util
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Module ssl_context_util

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ndg_httpsclient SSL Context utilities module containing convenience routines for setting SSL context configuration.

Date: 09/12/11

Author: P J Kershaw (STFC)


Copyright: (C) 2012 Science and Technology Facilities Council

License: BSD - see LICENSE file in top-level directory

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Holds configuration options for creating a SSL context.
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make_ssl_context_from_config(ssl_config=False, url=None) source code
make_ssl_context(key_file=None, cert_file=None, pem_file=None, ca_dir=None, verify_peer=False, url=None, method=3)
Creates SSL context containing certificate and key file locations.
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set_peer_verification_for_url_hostname(ssl_context, url, if_verify_enabled=False)
Convenience routine to set peer verification callback based on ServerSSLCertVerification class
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  __revision__ = '$Id$'
  __package__ = 'ndg.httpsclient'