Source code for monty.fnmatch

# coding: utf-8
This module provides support for Unix shell-style wildcards

from __future__ import unicode_literals, absolute_import

import fnmatch

from monty.string import list_strings

[docs]class WildCard(object): """ This object provides an easy-to-use interface for filename matching with shell patterns (fnmatch). >>> w = WildCard("*.nc|*.pdf") >>> w.filter(["", "bar.pdf", "hello.txt"]) ['', 'bar.pdf'] >>> w.filter("") [''] """ def __init__(self, wildcard, sep="|"): """ Initializes a WildCard. Args: wildcard (str): String of tokens separated by sep. Each token represents a pattern. sep (str): Separator for shell patterns. """ self.pats = ["*"] if wildcard: self.pats = wildcard.split(sep) def __str__(self): return "<%s, patterns = %s>" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.pats)
[docs] def filter(self, names): """ Returns a list with the names matching the pattern. """ names = list_strings(names) fnames = [] for f in names: for pat in self.pats: if fnmatch.fnmatch(f, pat): fnames.append(f) return fnames
[docs] def match(self, name): """ Returns True if name matches one of the patterns. """ for pat in self.pats: if fnmatch.fnmatch(name, pat): return True return False