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Feb 14, 2012
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Table Of Contents


Get latest source archive,
mktoc-1.3.tar.gz, or install with:

pip install mktoc --upgrade --user

Found a Bug?

Fill out a report on the issue tracker.

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4. Change Log

4.1. v1.3

Release Date:2/14/2012
  • Add unicode support to disc and track classes
  • Add utf-8 encoding support for writing stdout

4.2. v1.2.2

Release Date:8/1/2011
  • Improve character encoding detection method.

4.3. v1.2.1

Release Date:6/23/2011
  • Prevent assertion error on standard CUE files.

4.4. v1.2

Release Date:6/11/2011
  • Improve error handling of malformed CUE files.
  • Add support for UTF-8 CUE files.
  • Ignore unknown REM commands in CUE, instead of failing.
  • Improve quality of error message for failed WAV file searches.
  • New support for multi-session CUE parsing. Disc copies can now be corrected to allow true CDDB and AccurateRip disc matching.

4.5. v1.1.3

Release Date:2/15/2009
  • Fixed incorrect variable name in negative sample offset correction function.

4.6. v1.1.2

Release Date:6/1/2008
  • Added command switch to output full help instructions.
  • Fixed empty ‘working dir’ value from hitting assert with ‘-w’ option.

4.7. v1.1.1

Release Date:5/18/2008
  • Fixed runtime error when inputing CUE file using STDIN.

4.8. v1.1

Release Date:5/10/2008
  • Added ‘-w’ option to create TOC file from WAV file list.

4.9. v1.0

Release Date:5/3/2008
  • Initial release .. enjoy!