micromongo is a tiny layer around pymongo that allows you to create simple ORM-style classes that can perform validation, allow dot access to documents, auto-wrap queryset results, and give you pre/post save hooks.

It’s designed with microframeworks in mind, but is application and framework agnostic. It is meant to simplify usage of pymongo and provide tools for common idioms, not to obscure pymongo or mongodb from your data structures.

micromongo makes a few design decisions in the name of simplification that might not work for you:

  • micromongo maintains a single global connection, so you cannot have models that connect to multiple mongodb servers
  • there are a handfull of model names and document attribute names that will not work with micromongo models; these are covered in the Models Documentation
  • you can only have one model per collection

You can install micromongo with pip:

pip install micromongo

You are welcome to open issues or send pull requests on micromongo’s github:

git clone https://github.com/jmoiron/micromongo.git

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