Source code for mw.api.errors

class DocError(Exception):
    def __init__(self, message, doc):

        self.doc = doc
        The document returned by the API that brought about this error.

[docs]class APIError(DocError): def __init__(self, doc): code = doc.get('error', {}).get('code') message = doc.get('error', {}).get('message') super().__init__("{0}:{1}".format(code, message), doc) self.code = code """ The error code returned by the api -- if available. """ self.message = message """ The error message returned by the api -- if available. """
[docs]class AuthenticationError(DocError): def __init__(self, doc): result = doc['login']['result'] super().__init__(result, doc) self.result = result """ The result code of an authentication attempt. """
[docs]class MalformedResponse(DocError): def __init__(self, key, doc): super().__init__("Expected to find '{0}' in result.".format(key), doc) self.key = key """ The expected, but missing key from the API call. """