lodgeitlib – Easy pastebin access

lodgeitlib is a client library and command line client for http://paste.pocoo.org and other pastebins based on the Lodgeit software, available freely under the terms of the MIT license (see Licensing for details).


The current release is lodgeitlib 0.6, available in the Python Package Index. Refer to the Changelog for a list of important changes since the last release [1].

To install lodgeitlib, use pip:

pip install lodgeitlib

This installs lodgeitlib and all required dependencies.


Please read the manpage for information about use and configuration of lodgeit. API documentation for the underlying python modules is also provided.

Contribution and development

Please report issues and feature requests to the issue tracker [2]. Development happens on GitHub. The complete source code is available in a Git repository:

git clone git://github.com/lunaryorn/lodgeitlib.git

Feel free to fork the repository. Pull requests and patches are welcome!


[1]A detailed list of changesets is also available.
[2]Please assign proper issue information to the issues and provided detailed information about the issue. If possible, include copied and pasted output from the programs, or a code example demonstrating the issue.

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