A list of all of the tags associated with the feed, subscription list, or opportunity object. They are copied from the categories key if the category is one level deep. As an example:

<outline text="sports">
    <outline type="rss" text="ESPN" xmlUrl="http://espn.com/feed" />

In this example, there is one tag: sports.

Comes from

  • /opml/body//outline/@category [1]
  • /opml/body/outline/outline/parent::outline/@text
  • /opml/body/outline/outline/parent::outline/@title
  • /gtml:GadgetTabML//gtml:Tab/@title
  • /rdf:RDF/foaf:Group/foaf:name
  • /rdf:RDF//foaf:Agent/foaf:name


[1]The category attribute is a comma-separated string.