0.3.1 (2013-05-02)

Contributor:Gert Berger
  • Add delete_many to delete multiple selected sessions at once. (GertBerger)

0.3.0 (2013-03-12)

Contributor:Gert Burger
Contributor:Sam Kimbrel
Contributor:J.J. Guy
  • Use pillow instead of PIL. (GertBerger)
  • WebOb requires that response.text is a unicode object. (GertBerger)
  • Fix a couple resp.text unicode issues (skimbrel)
  • Fix timezone-dependent test (skimbrel)
  • Assign unicode template to body_unicode (jjguy)

0.2.3 (2013-01-16)

Contributor:Hong Minhee
Contributor:Sam Kimbrel
  • linesman updated to support webob>=1.2 (dahlia, skimbrel)

0.2.2 (2011-09-30)

Contributor:Calen Pennington


  • Date sorting logic was not correct. (cpennington)

0.2.1 (2011-08-25)

Contributor:Luis Peralta


  • os.abspath should have been os.path.abspath (lperalta)
  • Updated unittests back to 100% to catch errors, such as the one lperalta found.

0.2 (2011-05-14)

Contributor:Calen Pennington <cpennington>
Contributor:Rudd Zwolinski <ruddzw>


This release will break profile persistence from 0.1. This is because the default backend has been moved to SQLite, which is a much faster storage mechanism.


  • Requests containing unicode no longer cause errors.
  • Row hovering now works in all browsers. (Issue #2)
  • Terminology for inlinetime, totaltime changed to match cProfile.


  • Added notes for using Linesman with Django.
  • Docstring additions across the board.


  • Added ability to enable/disable profiling on-the-fly. (Issue #8)
  • All or specific sessions can now be deleted from the session listing. (Issue #4)
  • Introduced modular backends; now possible to store results in either entirely pickled form or in SQLite.
  • Pie charts can be used to visually display time spent in specific packages; the list of packages is configurable in the middleware. (Issue #1)
  • Session history is now displayed in a nice manner (Issue #5)

0.1.1 (2011-05-06)


  • setuptools will not correctly include data sources unless they live in MANIFEST.in.

0.1 (2011-04-29)

  • Initial release