Welcome to lfs_solr’s documentation!

What is it?

lfs_solr is the integration of Solr into LFS


To use lfs_solr you need the following prerequisites:


  1. Put lfs_solr to the PYTHONPATH or install it via easy install:

    $ easy_install lfs_solr
  2. Add lfs_solr to INSTALLED_APPS within settings.py of your Django project:

  3. Add lfs_solr’s urls to your project’s url.py. Make sure that they are before LFS’ urls:

    urlpatterns = patterns("",
        (r'', include('lfs_solr.urls')),
        (r'', include('lfs.core.urls')),
  4. Put the provided schema.xml to your Solr conf directory and start Solr.

  5. Start your LFS instance

  6. Visit following URL to index your products (this must be done only once):


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