Installing Lettuce

Stable release

You can install the latest stable release with pip

user@machine:~$ [sudo] pip install lettuce

Using control version’s HEAD

You can use the bleeding edge version of Lettuce through taking the git HEAD.

If you want so, you have basically 2 options:

Build and install the egg from sources

Good for those that just want to use the latest features

user@machine:~/Downloads$ git clone git://
user@machine:~/Downloads$ cd lettuce
user@machine:~/Downloads/lettuce$ sudo python install

Use the latest code to contribute with lettuce’s codebase

If it is your case, I strongly recommend a sandbox:


  1. Fetch the code
user@machine:~/Projects$ git clone git://
  1. Add to your PYTHONPATH
user@machine:~/Projects$ echo "PYTHONPATH=$HOME/Projects/lettuce:$PYTHONPATH >> $HOME/.bashrc
  1. Open a new terminal and enjoy!