lda: Topic modeling with latent Dirichlet Allocation

lda implements latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) using collapsed Gibbs sampling. lda is fast and can be installed without a compiler on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

The interface follows conventions found in scikit-learn. The following demonstrates how to inspect a model of a subset of the Reuters news dataset. (The input below, X, is a document-term matrix.)

>>> import numpy as np
>>> import lda
>>> X = lda.datasets.load_reuters()
>>> vocab = lda.datasets.load_reuters_vocab()
>>> titles = lda.datasets.load_reuters_titles()
>>> X.shape
(395, 4258)
>>> X.sum()
>>> model = lda.LDA(n_topics=20, n_iter=1500, random_state=1)
>>> model.fit(X)  # model.fit_transform(X) is also available
>>> topic_word = model.topic_word_  # model.components_ also works
>>> n_top_words = 8
>>> for i, topic_dist in enumerate(topic_word):
...     topic_words = np.array(vocab)[np.argsort(topic_dist)][:-n_top_words:-1]
...     print('Topic {}: {}'.format(i, ' '.join(topic_words)))
Topic 0: british churchill sale million major letters west
Topic 1: church government political country state people party
Topic 2: elvis king fans presley life concert young
Topic 3: yeltsin russian russia president kremlin moscow michael
Topic 4: pope vatican paul john surgery hospital pontiff
Topic 5: family funeral police miami versace cunanan city
Topic 6: simpson former years court president wife south
Topic 7: order mother successor election nuns church nirmala
Topic 8: charles prince diana royal king queen parker
Topic 9: film french france against bardot paris poster
Topic 10: germany german war nazi letter christian book
Topic 11: east peace prize award timor quebec belo
Topic 12: n't life show told very love television
Topic 13: years year time last church world people
Topic 14: mother teresa heart calcutta charity nun hospital
Topic 15: city salonika capital buddhist cultural vietnam byzantine
Topic 16: music tour opera singer israel people film
Topic 17: church catholic bernardin cardinal bishop wright death
Topic 18: harriman clinton u.s ambassador paris president churchill
Topic 19: city museum art exhibition century million churches


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