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Kabaret is a framework for digital creation studios.

We consider any group of persons working together on a local network of computers to generate images (from scratch:2d/3d animation, or from sources: vfx) as a digital creation studio. The definition could be extended to sound processing or scientific data manipulations, but Kabaret is really oriented toward image manipulation using the common comercial DCC tools as Maya, Nuke, etc...

Kabaret can however be extended for other situations.

The goal is to provide tools and guidelines for studio of any size. Kabaret is scalable.

There are many topics a digital creation studio is facing when building up its production process. Kabaret gets into the most standard ones:

  • File and directory naming
  • File and directory version control
  • Project initialization and management
  • Per project information persistence for production and fabrication tracking
  • Workflow and Dataflow modeling and enactment, global or per project
  • Management and integration of common DCCs
  • GUI for artists and managers.
  • Human and automated tasks queues.
  • Extreme customization, extensibility and evolvability.

Kabaret Studio

Kabaret Studio is a digital creation studio solution created with the Kabaret framework.

It is the solution used at the Supamonks Studio. You can configure it to suit your need and run a fully featured studio in a matter of hours, or simply browse its code to learn how you could create your own studio solution.

It provides team work with configurable workflow and dataflow, configurable naming convention, file versioning, integration into Maya, Nuke, Houdini, as well as a standalone central user interface.

See the complete documentation to discover it!


Kabaret was born at the Supamonks Studio from the experience of talented artists, producers and developers.

It gathers all the experience of the Supamonks and packages it into the several sub-modules available in Kabaret. Most of the code has been maltreated in reel life production. But the opening of the source requires a massive refactoring in order to be easily installed and used, and this is taking some time.

An Beta version is available on pypi.

It does not have all the planned features but is enough to get a feeling of the final product and its possibilities.

The Supamonks Studio is going on production with it and next versions will be there soon.

Stay tuned!