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You will need setuptools (or compatible) to install kabaret packages. If you don’t already use it, you should head to the setuptools on pypi and follow the installation instructions.

You also probably need a valid python wrapper for Qt4 (>4.7): PyQt or PySide.

Any other dependency will be auto-fulfilled when installing kabaret packages.

Easy Install

On linux:

easy_install <kabaret_package>

On windows:

easy_install.exe <kabaret_package>


replace <kabaret_package> by the name of a package listed in the Packages section.


Add the -U or –upgrade option:

easy_install -U <kabaret_package>


There is no uninstall script but getting ride of all kabaret packages is quite easy:

Go to your python site package (for example C:/Python26/Lib/site-packages), remove all .egg files and folders with a name related to kabaret, and edit the easy-install.pth file to remove the lines referencing kabaret packages.


Installing the “kabaret” package will not provide much as it is almost only a documentation holder. Instead you will want to install one of the framework sub packages:

  • kabaret.core

    The framework core library.

    Let you build your own studio solutions.

  • kabaret.gui

    The framework GUI library.

    Let you build standalone and DCC embedded application for your own studio solution. Requires PyQt or PySide (see Prerequisites).

  • kabaret.studio

    A complete studio solution implemented for the Supamonks Studio.

    You can configure it to suit your need and run a fully featured studio in a matter of hours, or simply browse its code to learn how you could create your own studio solution.

  • kabaret.flow

    DataFlow+WorkFlow modeling and enactment.

    It does not rely on other kabaret package and can be used directly.

  • kabaret.naming

    File and Folder naming convention modeling and exploitation.

    It does not rely on other kabaret package and can be used directly.

Those packages may require other python packages that will be installed along.

If you look for a overview of the whole kabaret framework you should install kabaret.studio as it requires (and will install) most of the sub-packages.