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Kabaret was created in late 2012 at SupamonkS Studio, paris.

The PRIMARY AUTHORS are (and/or have been):

  • Damien Coureau
  • Sebastion Ho
  • Manon Ih

We accumulate experience as Artists, Technical Directors, Developer and Production Director on hundreds of commercial spots and commercial series, as well as on VFX and Full CG features movies like Blueberry, Splice, Irreversible, Despicable Me, The Lorax...

We have a deep faith in the open source philosophy and we wish everybody could focus on the beauty of his or her work (may it be cost tracking, pixel enhancement, or code magnificence) instead of struggling with the machine. The Kabaret Framework and the Kabaret Studio are our contributions to make this dream get real.

We hope you’ll join us in this adventure.


Many ideas in Kabaret and Kabaret Studio come from the outstanding people we had the chance to meet or work with.

Most notably:

  • Etienne Chex Pecheux, on the dataflow and automation.
  • Albert Lobo Bonnefous, on the overall CG world.
  • Pierrick Ick Brault, on pipeline and asset exploitation.
  • Thierry Mamouth Lauthelier, for ignition.
  • Alexis Casas, for understanding and support.
  • Nicolas Nikko Brack, for endless higher expectations :)


The authors welcome patches, bug reports and support. If you think your name should appears here, please send a request to kabaret-dev@googlegroups.com