The LocalStore Cache

It is a thread-local dict-like object that is cleared at the end of each request by an associated middleware. This can be useful for global data that just be kept, referred to, or even modified throughout the lifetime of a request, like messaging, media registration, or cached datasets.

By default, the LocalStore cache is an instantiated copy of the johnny.localstore.LocalStore class located in johnny.cache.local. The usefulness of the class comes from the middleware that clears it at the end of each request. Being a module-level object, it is a singleton.

Johnny relies on johnny.cache.local for its transaction and savepoint support, so it is a good idea to enable the middleware to clear it per request as not doing so can gradually leak memory as this object has no built-in eviction.

class johnny.localstore.LocalStore(**d)

A thread-local OpenStruct that can be used as a local cache. An instance is located at johnny.cache.local, and is cleared on every request by the LocalStoreClearMiddleware. It can be a thread-safe way to handle global contexts.

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