variational Package

variational Package

Code for variational inference

dirichlet_process Module

See Blei, Jordan - Variational Methods for Dirichlet Processes

class infpy.variational.dirichlet_process.ExpFamilyDP(X, K, alpha, family, lambda_)[source]

Bases: object

Implements a variational algorithm for inference in a dirichlet process mixture model of exponential family distributions.

K = None

Variational # mixtures truncation parameter.

N = None

# of data.

alpha = None

Dirichlet process parameter.

data = None

The data as sufficient statistics.


Expected value of theta under the variational distribution.

family = None

Exponential family.

gamma = None

The variational parameters for the V’s (array of shape (K,2)).


Set the variational parameters to some starting point.

lambda_ = None

Conjugate prior parameter.


The log likelihood of the data.


The pdf of the variational density at T.

@param T: sufficient statistic


The pdf of variational density at z given T as an array over all z’s

@param T: sufficient statistic

phi = None

The variational parameters for the Z’s (array of shape (N,2)).

tau = None

The variational parameters for the eta’s (array of length K).

tau_0 = None

The pseudo count variational parameters for the eta’s (array of length K).


Perform one update step.


Update gamma


Update phi.


Update tau

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