• Python 2.x (x>=6) or 3.x (x>=2)
  • PyQt4 4.x (x>=3 ; recommended x>=4) or PyQt5 5.x (x>=5)
  • PythonQwt >=0.5
  • guidata >=1.7
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Pillow
Optional Python modules:
  • spyderlib 2.1 for Sift embedded Python console
  • pydicom >=0.9.3 for DICOM files I/O features


All platforms:

The script supports the following extra options for optimizing the image scaler engine with SSE2/SSE3 processors: --sse2 and --sse3
On GNU/Linux and MacOS platforms:
python build install
On Windows platforms with MinGW:
python build -c mingw32 install
On Windows platforms with Microsoft Visual C++ compiler:
python build -c msvc install

Help and support

External resources:
  • Bug reports and feature requests: GitHub
  • Help, support and discussions around the project: GoogleGroup