Source code for guidata.dataset.qtwidgets

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright © 2009-2010 CEA
# Pierre Raybaut
# Licensed under the terms of the CECILL License
# (see guidata/ for details)


Dialog boxes used to edit data sets:
...and layouts:

from __future__ import print_function

    # PyQt4 4.3.3 on Windows (static DLLs) with py2exe installed:
    # -> pythoncom must be imported first, otherwise py2exe's boot_com_servers
    #    will raise an exception ("Unable to load DLL [...]") when calling any
    #    of the QFileDialog static methods (getOpenFileName, ...)
    import pythoncom
except ImportError:

from guidata.qt.QtGui import (QDialog, QMessageBox, QDialogButtonBox, QWidget,
                              QVBoxLayout, QGridLayout, QLabel, QSpacerItem,
                              QColor, QTabWidget, QIcon, QApplication, QPainter,
                              QPicture, QBrush, QGroupBox, QPushButton)
from guidata.qt.QtCore import Qt, QRect, QSize, Signal
from guidata.qt.compat import getopenfilename, getopenfilenames, getsavefilename

from guidata.configtools import get_icon
from guidata.config import _
from guidata.py3compat import to_text_string, is_text_string

from guidata.dataset.datatypes import (BeginGroup, EndGroup, GroupItem,

[docs]class DataSetEditDialog(QDialog): """ Dialog box for DataSet editing """ def __init__(self, instance, icon='', parent=None, apply=None, wordwrap=True, size=None): QDialog.__init__(self, parent) self.wordwrap = wordwrap self.apply_func = apply self.layout = QVBoxLayout() if instance.get_comment(): label = QLabel(instance.get_comment()) label.setWordWrap(wordwrap) self.layout.addWidget(label) self.instance = instance self.edit_layout = [ ] self.setup_instance( instance ) if apply is not None: apply_button = QDialogButtonBox.Apply else: apply_button = QDialogButtonBox.NoButton bbox = QDialogButtonBox(QDialogButtonBox.Ok | QDialogButtonBox.Cancel | apply_button ) self.bbox = bbox bbox.accepted.connect(self.accept) bbox.rejected.connect(self.reject) bbox.clicked.connect(self.button_clicked) self.layout.addWidget(bbox) self.setLayout(self.layout) if parent is None: if not isinstance(icon, QIcon): icon = get_icon(icon, default="guidata.svg") self.setWindowIcon(icon) self.setModal(True) self.setWindowTitle(instance.get_title()) if size is not None: if isinstance(size, QSize): self.resize(size) else: self.resize(*size) def button_clicked(self, button): role = self.bbox.buttonRole(button) if role==QDialogButtonBox.ApplyRole and self.apply_func is not None: if self.check(): for edl in self.edit_layout: edl.accept_changes() self.apply_func(self.instance)
[docs] def setup_instance(self, instance): """Construct main layout""" grid = QGridLayout() grid.setAlignment(Qt.AlignTop) self.layout.addLayout(grid) self.edit_layout.append( self.layout_factory( instance, grid) )
[docs] def layout_factory(self, instance, grid ): """A factory method that produces instances of DataSetEditLayout or derived classes (see DataSetShowDialog) """ return DataSetEditLayout( self, instance, grid )
[docs] def child_title(self, item): """Return data item title combined with QApplication title""" app_name = QApplication.applicationName() if not app_name: app_name = self.instance.get_title() return "%s - %s" % ( app_name, item.label() )
def check(self): is_ok = True for edl in self.edit_layout: if not edl.check_all_values(): is_ok = False if not is_ok: QMessageBox.warning(self, self.instance.get_title(), _("Some required entries are incorrect")+"\n"+\ _("Please check highlighted fields.")) return False return True
[docs] def accept(self): """Validate inputs""" if self.check(): for edl in self.edit_layout: edl.accept_changes() QDialog.accept(self)
[docs]class DataSetGroupEditDialog(DataSetEditDialog): """ Tabbed dialog box for DataSet editing """
[docs] def setup_instance(self, instance): """Override DataSetEditDialog method""" from guidata.dataset.datatypes import DataSetGroup assert isinstance(instance, DataSetGroup) tabs = QTabWidget() # tabs.setUsesScrollButtons(False) self.layout.addWidget(tabs) for dataset in instance.datasets: layout = QVBoxLayout() layout.setAlignment(Qt.AlignTop) if dataset.get_comment(): label = QLabel(dataset.get_comment()) label.setWordWrap(self.wordwrap) layout.addWidget(label) grid = QGridLayout() self.edit_layout.append( self.layout_factory(dataset, grid) ) layout.addLayout(grid) page = QWidget() page.setLayout(layout) if dataset.get_icon(): tabs.addTab( page, get_icon(dataset.get_icon()), dataset.get_title() ) else: tabs.addTab( page, dataset.get_title() )
[docs]class DataSetEditLayout(object): """ Layout in which data item widgets are placed """ _widget_factory = {} @classmethod
[docs] def register(cls, item_type, factory): """Register a factory for a new item_type""" cls._widget_factory[item_type] = factory
def __init__(self, parent, instance, layout, items=None, first_line=0): self.parent = parent self.instance = instance self.layout = layout self.first_line = first_line self.widgets = [] self.linenos = {} # prochaine ligne à remplir par colonne self.items_pos = {} if not items: items = self.instance._items items = self.transform_items( items ) self.setup_layout( items )
[docs] def transform_items(self, items): """ Handle group of items: transform items into a GroupItem instance if they are located between BeginGroup and EndGroup """ item_lists = [ [] ] for item in items: if isinstance(item, BeginGroup): item = item.get_group() item_lists[-1].append(item) item_lists.append( ) elif isinstance(item, EndGroup): item_lists.pop() else: item_lists[-1].append(item) assert len(item_lists)==1 return item_lists[-1]
[docs] def check_all_values(self): """Check input of all widgets""" for widget in self.widgets: if widget.is_active() and not widget.check(): return False return True
[docs] def accept_changes(self): """Accept changes made to widget inputs""" self.update_dataitems()
[docs] def setup_layout(self, items): """Place items on layout""" def last_col(col, span): """Return last column (which depends on column span)""" if not span: return col else: return col+span-1 colmax = max( [ last_col(item.get_prop("display", "col"), item.get_prop("display", "colspan")) for item in items ] ) self.items_pos = {} line = self.first_line - 1 last_item = [-1, 0, colmax ] for item in items: beg = item.get_prop("display", "col") span = item.get_prop("display", "colspan") if span is None: span = colmax - beg + 1 if beg <= last_item[1]: # on passe à la ligne si la colonne de debut de cet item # est avant la colonne de debut de l'item précédent line += 1 else: last_item[2] = beg-last_item[1] last_item = [line, beg, span] self.items_pos[item] = last_item for item in items: hide = item.get_prop_value("display", self.instance, "hide", False) if hide: continue widget = self.build_widget(item) self.add_row( widget ) self.refresh_widgets()
def build_widget(self, item): factory = self._widget_factory[type(item)] widget = factory( item.bind(self.instance), self ) self.widgets.append( widget ) return widget
[docs] def add_row(self, widget): """Add widget to row""" item = widget.item line, col, span = self.items_pos[item.item] if col > 0: self.layout.addItem( QSpacerItem(20, 1), line, col*3-1 ) widget.place_on_grid( self.layout, line, col*3, col*3 + 1, 1, 3*span-2) try: widget.get() except Exception: print("Error building item :", item.item._name) raise
[docs] def refresh_widgets(self): """Refresh the status of all widgets""" for widget in self.widgets: widget.set_state()
[docs] def update_dataitems(self): """Refresh the content of all data items""" for widget in self.widgets: if widget.is_active(): widget.set()
[docs] def update_widgets(self, except_this_one=None): """Refresh the content of all widgets""" for widget in self.widgets: if widget is not except_this_one: widget.get() # Enregistrement des correspondances avec les widgets
from guidata.dataset.qtitemwidgets import (LineEditWidget, TextEditWidget, CheckBoxWidget, ColorWidget, FileWidget, DirectoryWidget, ChoiceWidget, MultipleChoiceWidget, FloatArrayWidget, GroupWidget, AbstractDataSetWidget, ButtonWidget, TabGroupWidget, DateWidget, DateTimeWidget, SliderWidget, FloatSliderWidget) from guidata.dataset.dataitems import (FloatItem, StringItem, TextItem, IntItem, BoolItem, ColorItem, FileOpenItem, FilesOpenItem, FileSaveItem, DirectoryItem, ChoiceItem, ImageChoiceItem, MultipleChoiceItem, FloatArrayItem, ButtonItem, DateItem, DateTimeItem, DictItem) DataSetEditLayout.register(GroupItem, GroupWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(TabGroupItem, TabGroupWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(FloatItem, LineEditWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(StringItem, LineEditWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(TextItem, TextEditWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(IntItem, SliderWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(FloatItem, FloatSliderWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(BoolItem, CheckBoxWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(DateItem, DateWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(DateTimeItem, DateTimeWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(ColorItem, ColorWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(FileOpenItem, lambda item, parent: FileWidget(item, parent, getopenfilename) ) DataSetEditLayout.register(FilesOpenItem, lambda item, parent: FileWidget(item, parent, getopenfilenames) ) DataSetEditLayout.register(FileSaveItem, lambda item, parent: FileWidget(item, parent, getsavefilename) ) DataSetEditLayout.register(DirectoryItem, DirectoryWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(ChoiceItem, ChoiceWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(ImageChoiceItem, ChoiceWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(MultipleChoiceItem, MultipleChoiceWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(FloatArrayItem, FloatArrayWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(ButtonItem, ButtonWidget) DataSetEditLayout.register(DictItem, ButtonWidget) LABEL_CSS = """ QLabel { font-weight: bold; color: blue } QLabel:disabled { font-weight: bold; color: grey } """
[docs]class DataSetShowWidget(AbstractDataSetWidget): """Read-only base widget""" READ_ONLY = True def __init__(self, item, parent_layout): AbstractDataSetWidget.__init__(self, item, parent_layout) = QLabel() wordwrap = item.get_prop_value("display", "wordwrap", False) LABEL_CSS )
[docs] def get(self): """Override AbstractDataSetWidget method""" self.set_state() text = self.item.get_string_value()
[docs] def set(self): """Read only...""" pass
[docs]class ShowColorWidget(DataSetShowWidget): """Read-only color item widget""" def __init__(self, item, parent_layout): DataSetShowWidget.__init__(self, item, parent_layout) self.picture = None
[docs] def get(self): """Override AbstractDataSetWidget method""" value = self.item.get() if value is not None: color = QColor(value) self.picture = QPicture() painter = QPainter() painter.begin(self.picture) painter.fillRect(QRect(0, 0, 60, 20), QBrush(color)) painter.end()
[docs]class ShowBooleanWidget(DataSetShowWidget): """Read-only bool item widget"""
[docs] def place_on_grid(self, layout, row, label_column, widget_column, row_span=1, column_span=1): """Override AbstractDataSetWidget method""" if not self.item.get_prop_value("display", "label"): widget_column = label_column column_span += 1 else: self.place_label(layout, row, label_column) layout.addWidget(, row, widget_column, row_span, column_span)
[docs] def get(self): """Override AbstractDataSetWidget method""" DataSetShowWidget.get(self) text = self.item.get_prop_value("display", "text") font = value = self.item.get() state = bool(value) font.setStrikeOut(not state)
[docs]class DataSetShowLayout(DataSetEditLayout): """Read-only layout""" _widget_factory = {}
[docs]class DataSetShowDialog(DataSetEditDialog): """Read-only dialog box"""
[docs] def layout_factory(self, instance, grid ): """Override DataSetEditDialog method""" return DataSetShowLayout( self, instance, grid )
DataSetShowLayout.register(GroupItem, GroupWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(TabGroupItem, TabGroupWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(FloatItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(StringItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(TextItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(IntItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(BoolItem, ShowBooleanWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(DateItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(DateTimeItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(ColorItem, ShowColorWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(FileOpenItem, DataSetShowWidget ) DataSetShowLayout.register(FilesOpenItem, DataSetShowWidget ) DataSetShowLayout.register(FileSaveItem, DataSetShowWidget ) DataSetShowLayout.register(DirectoryItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(ChoiceItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(ImageChoiceItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(MultipleChoiceItem, DataSetShowWidget) DataSetShowLayout.register(FloatArrayItem, DataSetShowWidget)
[docs]class DataSetShowGroupBox(QGroupBox): """Group box widget showing a read-only DataSet""" def __init__(self, label, klass, wordwrap=False, **kwargs): QGroupBox.__init__(self, label) self.klass = klass self.dataset = klass(**kwargs) self.layout = QVBoxLayout() if self.dataset.get_comment(): label = QLabel(self.dataset.get_comment()) label.setWordWrap(wordwrap) self.layout.addWidget(label) self.grid_layout = QGridLayout() self.layout.addLayout(self.grid_layout) self.setLayout(self.layout) self.edit = self.get_edit_layout()
[docs] def get_edit_layout(self): """Return edit layout""" return DataSetShowLayout(self, self.dataset, self.grid_layout)
[docs] def get(self): """Update group box contents from data item values""" for widget in self.edit.widgets: widget.build_mode = True widget.get() widget.build_mode = False
[docs]class DataSetEditGroupBox(DataSetShowGroupBox): """ Group box widget including a DataSet label: group box label (string) klass: guidata.DataSet class button_text: action button text (default: "Apply") button_icon: QIcon object or string (default "apply.png") """ #: Signal emitted when Apply button is clicked SIG_APPLY_BUTTON_CLICKED = Signal() def __init__(self, label, klass, button_text=None, button_icon=None, show_button=True, wordwrap=False, **kwargs): DataSetShowGroupBox.__init__(self, label, klass, wordwrap=wordwrap, **kwargs) if show_button: if button_text is None: button_text = _("Apply") if button_icon is None: button_icon = get_icon("apply.png") elif is_text_string(button_icon): button_icon = get_icon(button_icon) apply_btn = QPushButton(button_icon, button_text, self) apply_btn.clicked.connect(self.set) layout = self.edit.layout layout.addWidget(apply_btn, layout.rowCount(), 0, 1, -1, Qt.AlignRight)
[docs] def get_edit_layout(self): """Return edit layout""" return DataSetEditLayout(self, self.dataset, self.grid_layout)
[docs] def set(self): """Update data item values from layout contents""" for widget in self.edit.widgets: if widget.is_active() and widget.check(): widget.set() self.SIG_APPLY_BUTTON_CLICKED.emit()
[docs] def child_title(self, item): """Return data item title combined with QApplication title""" app_name = QApplication.applicationName() if not app_name: app_name = to_text_string(self.title()) return "%s - %s" % ( app_name, item.label() )