Source code for github2.users

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Ask Solem <>
#                         James Rowe <>
#                         Sameer Al-Sakran <>
#                         St├ęphane Angel <>
# This file is part of python-github2, and is made available under the 3-clause
# BSD license.  See LICENSE for the full details.

    from urllib.parse import quote_plus  # For Python 3
except ImportError:
    from urllib import quote_plus  # NOQA

from github2.core import (BaseData, GithubCommand, DateAttribute, Attribute,
                          enhanced_by_auth, requires_auth)

[docs]class Key(BaseData): """SSH key container.""" id = Attribute('The key id') key = Attribute('The SSH key data') title = Attribute('The title for the SSH key') def __repr__(self): return "<Key: %s>" %
[docs]class User(BaseData): """GitHub user container.""" id = Attribute("The user id") login = Attribute("The login username") name = Attribute("The users full name") company = Attribute("Name of the company the user is associated with") location = Attribute("Location of the user") email = Attribute("The users e-mail address") blog = Attribute("The users blog") following_count = Attribute("Number of other users the user is following") followers_count = Attribute("Number of users following this user") public_gist_count = Attribute( "Number of active public gists owned by the user") public_repo_count = Attribute( "Number of active repositories owned by the user") total_private_repo_count = Attribute("Number of private repositories") collaborators = Attribute("Number of collaborators") disk_usage = Attribute("Currently used disk space") owned_private_repo_count = Attribute("Number of privately owned repos") private_gist_count = Attribute( "Number of private gists owned by the user") plan = Attribute("Current active github plan") created_at = DateAttribute("The date this user was registered", format="user")
[docs] def is_authenticated(self): """Test for user authentication. :return bool: ``True`` if user is authenticated """ return self.plan is not None
def __repr__(self): return "<User: %s>" % self.login
[docs]class Users(GithubCommand): """GitHub API user functionality.""" domain = "user"
[docs] def search(self, query): """Search for users. .. warning: Returns at most 100 users :param str query: term to search for """ return self.get_values("search", quote_plus(query), filter="users", datatype=User)
[docs] def search_by_email(self, query): """Search for users by email address. :param str query: email to search for """ return self.get_value("email", query, filter="user", datatype=User)
[docs] def show(self, username): """Get information on GitHub user. if ``username`` is ``None`` or an empty string information for the currently authenticated user is returned. """ return self.get_value("show", username, filter="user", datatype=User)
[docs] def followers(self, username): """Get list of GitHub user's followers. :param str username: GitHub user name """ return self.get_values("show", username, "followers", filter="users")
[docs] def following(self, username): """Get list of users a GitHub user is following. :param str username: GitHub user name """ return self.get_values("show", username, "following", filter="users")
[docs] def follow(self, other_user): """Follow a GitHub user. :param str other_user: GitHub user name """ return self.get_values("follow", other_user, method="POST")
[docs] def unfollow(self, other_user): """Unfollow a GitHub user. :param str other_user: GitHub user name """ return self.get_values("unfollow", other_user, method="POST")
[docs] def list_keys(self): """Get list of SSH keys for the authenticated user.""" return self.get_values('keys', filter='public_keys', datatype=Key)
[docs] def add_key(self, key, title=''): """Add a SSH key for the authenticated user. :param str key: SSH key identifier :param str title: Optional title for the SSH key """ return self.get_values("key/add", post_data={'key': key, 'title': title}, method="POST", filter='public_keys', datatype=Key)
[docs] def remove_key(self, key_id): """Remove a SSH key for the authenticated user. :param int key_id: SSH key's GitHub identifier """ return self.get_values('key/remove', post_data={'id': str(key_id)}, filter='public_keys', datatype=Key)