Source code for github2.commits

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Ask Solem <>
#                         James Rowe <>
#                         St├ęphane Angel <>
#                         Vincent Driessen <>
# This file is part of python-github2, and is made available under the 3-clause
# BSD license.  See LICENSE for the full details.

from github2.core import (BaseData, GithubCommand, Attribute, DateAttribute,

[docs]class Commit(BaseData): """Commit container.""" message = Attribute("Commit message.") parents = Attribute("List of parents for this commit.") url = Attribute("Canonical URL for this commit.") author = Attribute("Author metadata (dict with name/email.)") id = Attribute("Commit ID.") committed_date = DateAttribute("Date committed.", format="commit") authored_date = DateAttribute("Date authored.", format="commit") tree = Attribute("Tree SHA for this commit.") committer = Attribute("Comitter metadata (dict with name/email.)") added = Attribute("(If present) Datastructure representing what's been " "added since last commit.") removed = Attribute("(if present) Datastructure representing what's been " "removed since last commit.") modified = Attribute("(If present) Datastructure representing what's " "been modified since last commit.") def __repr__(self): return "<Commit: %s %s>" % ([:8], repr_string(self.message))
[docs]class Commits(GithubCommand): """GitHub API commits functionality.""" domain = "commits"
[docs] def list(self, project, branch="master", file=None, page=1): """List commits on a project. .. warning:: Not all projects use ``master`` as their default branch, you can check the value of the ``Repo(project).master_branch`` attribute to determine the default branch of a given repository. :param str project: project name :param str branch: branch name, or ``master`` if not given :param str file: optional file filter :param int page: optional page number """ return self.get_values("list", project, branch, file, filter="commits", datatype=Commit, page=page)
[docs] def show(self, project, sha): """Get a specific commit. :param str project: project name :param str sha: commit id """ return self.get_value("show", project, sha, filter="commit", datatype=Commit)