Fetching Resources

Resources may be fetched individually or as feeds.

Retrieving a list of resources

To retrieve a list of feeds, use the gdata.docs.client.GetResources() method, for example:

resource_feed = client.GetResources()

The return value is an instance of gdata.docs.data.ResourceFeed, and individual entries can be accessed in the entry attribute.

Mostly, all resources will not be available in a single request, and for this purpose, the next page of results should be fetched. The URI for the next page is available as the gdata.docs.data.ResourceFeed.GetNextLink() method, and can be used as:

resource_feed = client.GetResources()
nextpage_feed = client.GetResources(uri=resource_feed.GetNextLink().href)

Retrieving all resources

Paging through the entire set of resources is handled using the convenience method gdata.docs.client.GetAllResources() method.:

all_entries = client.GetAllResources()

This returns a list of entries (not a feed) and takes care of paging the individual feeds and collecting the results.

Retrieving an individual entry

An entry can be retrieved again if you have an gdata.docs.data.Resource instance, or by fetching it from its resource id.

To refetch a resource, use gdata.docs.client.GetResource() method, like so:

# First fetch the entry as the first entry in a feed
entry = client.GetResources().entry[0]

# Refetch the entry sometime later
refetched_entry = client.GetResource(entry)

Retrieving an entry from its resource id

If a resource id is known, this can be used to fetch an entry, using the py:meth:gdata.docs.client.GetResourceById method, line so:

resource_id = 'AB56C6D8E9AB56C6D8E9AB56C6D8E9AB56C6D8E9'
entry = client.GetResourceById(resource_id)