Support for AppPot-hosted applications.

For more details about AppPot, visit: <http://apppot.googlecode.com>

class gc3libs.application.apppot.AppPotApplication(arguments, inputs, outputs, output_dir, apppot_img=None, apppot_changes=None, apppot_tag='ENV/APPPOT-0.21', apppot_extra=[], **extra_args)

Base class for AppPot-hosted applications. Provides the same interface as the base Application and runs the specified command in an AppPot instance.

In addition to the standard Application keyword arguments, the following ones can be given to steer the AppPot execution:

  • apppot_img: Path or URL to the AppPot system image to use. If None (default), then the default AppPot system image on the remote system is used.
  • apppot_changes: Path or URL to an AppPot changes file to be merged at system startup.
  • apppot_tag: ARC RTE to use for submission of this AppPot job.
  • apppot_extra: List of additional UML boot command-line arguments. (Passed to the AppPot instance via apppot-start‘s --extra option.)

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