The format and version of the feed.

Here is the complete list of known feed types and versions that may be returned in version:

atom Atom (unknown or unrecognized version)
atom01 Atom 0.1
atom02 Atom 0.2
atom03 Atom 0.3
atom10 Atom 1.0
cdf CDF
rss RSS (unknown or unrecognized version)
rss090 RSS 0.90
rss091n Netscape RSS 0.91
rss091u Userland RSS 0.91
rss092 RSS 0.92
rss093 RSS 0.93
rss094 RSS 0.94 (no accurate specification is known to exist)
rss10 RSS 1.0
rss20 RSS 2.0

If the feed type is completely unknown, version will be an empty string.


This element always exists, although it may be an empty string if the version can not be determined.

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