Changes in version 4.2ΒΆ

Universal Feed Parser 4.2 was released on 2008-03-12.

  • Support for parsing microformats, including rel=enclosure, rel=tag, XFN, and hCard.
  • Updated the whitelist of acceptable HTML elements and attributes based on the latest draft of the HTML 5 specification.
  • Support for CSS Sanitization. (Previous versions of Universal Feed Parser simply stripped all inline styles.) Many thanks to Sam Ruby for implementing this, despite my insistence that it was impossible.
  • Support for SVG Sanitization.
  • Support for MathML Sanitization. Many thanks to Jacques Distler for patiently debugging this feature.
  • IRI support for every element that can contain a URI.
  • Ability to disable relative URI resolution.
  • Command-line arguments and alternate serializers, for manipulating Universal Feed Parser from shell scripts or other non-Python sources.
  • More robust parsing of author email addresses, misencoded win-1252 content, rel=self links, and better detection of HTML content in elements with ambiguous content types.