Changes in version 3.3ΒΆ

Universal Feed Parser 3.3 was released on July 15, 2004.

  • optimized EBCDIC to ASCII conversion
  • fixed obscure problem tracking xml:base and xml:lang if element declares it, child doesn’t, first grandchild redeclares it, and second grandchild doesn’t
  • refactored date parsing
  • defined public registerDateHandler so callers can add support for additional date formats at runtime
  • added support for OnBlog, Nate, MSSQL, Greek, and Hungarian dates (ytrewq1)
  • added zopeCompatibilityHack() which turns FeedParserDict into a regular dictionary, required for Zope compatibility, and also makes command-line debugging easier because pprint module formats real dictionaries better than dictionary-like objects
  • added NonXMLContentType exception, which is stored in bozo_exception when a feed is served with a non-XML media type such as 'text/plain'
  • respect Content-Language as default language if no xml:lang is present
  • cloud dict is now FeedParserDict
  • generator dict is now FeedParserDict
  • better tracking of xml:lang, including support for xml:lang=’’ to unset the current language
  • recognize RSS 1.0 feeds even when RSS 1.0 namespace is not the default namespace
  • don’t overwrite final status on redirects (scenarios: redirecting to a URI that returns 304, redirecting to a URI that redirects to another URI with a different type of redirect)
  • add support for HTTP 303 redirects