Changes in version 2.6ΒΆ

Ultra-liberal Feed Parser 2.6 was released on January 1, 2004.

  • dc:author support (MarekK)
  • fixed bug tracking nested divs within content (JohnD)
  • fixed missing sys import (JohanS)
  • fixed regular expression to capture XML character encoding (Andrei)
  • added support for Atom 0.3-style links
  • fixed bug with textInput tracking
  • added support for cloud (MartijnP)
  • added support for multiple category/dc:subject (MartijnP)
  • normalize content model: description gets description (which can come from <description>, <summary>, or full content if no <description>), content gets dict of base/language/type/value (which can come from <content:encoded>, <xhtml:body>, <content>, or <fullitem>)
  • fixed bug matching arbitrary Userland namespaces
  • added xml:base and xml:lang tracking
  • fixed bug tracking unknown tags
  • fixed bug tracking content when <content> element is not in default namespace (like Pocketsoap feed)
  • resolve relative URLs in <link>, <guid>, <docs>, <url>, <comments>, <wfw:comment>, <wfw:commentRSS>
  • resolve relative URI markup in <description>, <xhtml:body>, <content>, <content:encoded>, <title>, <subtitle>, <summary>, <info>, <tagline>, and <copyright>
  • added support for pingback and trackback namespaces