An easy application to establish an energy monitoring system for raspberry pi and ds18b20 temperature sensors.

1. Installation

Install via pip:

pip install eems

Install via git:

git clone
cd eems/
python install

2. Usage

The application can be used directly in the command line or be imported into a python file.

2.1 Command line


eems <command> [options]

Show help:

eems help

2.2 Python script

Quick start:

import eems

# generate check-object to identify ds18b20 requirements
c = eems.Check()
# check if modules w1-therm and w1-gpio are set
# check if dtoverlay=w1-gpio is set in config.txt

# generate temp-object to read sensors
t = eems.Temp(console=True)

# Read all connected DS18B20 sensors once.

# Start reading DS18B20 sensors with an interval of 2s and a maximum
# duration of 10s
t.monitor(interval=2, duration=10)

More features can be found here: Module