Source code for doitpy.pyflakes

Helper to create tasks that execute pyflakes.

Example to create a task for every python module (found recursively from current
path), excluding test modules and also `doc/`.


    from doitpy.pyflakes import Pyflakes

    def task_pyflakes():
        flaker = Pyflakes(exclude_patterns=['test_*'])
        yield flaker.tasks('**/*.py', exclude_paths=['doc/'])


from __future__ import absolute_import

from pathlib import Path
from pyflakes.api import checkPath
from pyflakes.checker import Checker

from configclass import Config

def check_path(filename):
    """a doit action - execute pyflakes in a single file.
    :return bool: check succeded
    return not bool(checkPath(filename))

[docs]class Pyflakes(object): """generate tasks for pyflakes """ #: :class:`confclass.Config` #: #: :var str base_dir: list of path patterns of files to be linted #: :var list-str exclude_patterns: list of pattern of files to be removed #: from selection #: :var list-str exclude_paths: list of path of files to be removed #: from selection config = Config( base_dir='.', exclude_patterns=[], exclude_paths=[], )
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): """:param kwargs: config params """ self.config = self.config.make(kwargs)
[docs] def __call__(self, py_file): """Return a task for single file. :param str pyfile: path to file :return: task metadata to run pyflakes on a single module """ # 'unicode' is a builtin in py2 but not on py3. # Make sure pyflakes consider 'unicode' as a builtin so # it does not fail on py3. Checker.builtIns.add('unicode') return { 'name': py_file, 'actions': [(check_path, [py_file])], 'file_dep': [py_file], }
[docs] def tasks(self, pattern, **kwargs): """run pyflakes on python module yield one task for each file as given by pattern :param str pattern: path pattern of files to be linted """ config = self.config.make(**kwargs) # yield a task for every py file in selection base = Path(config['base_dir']) excluded = set([base.joinpath(e) for e in config['exclude_paths']]) for src in base.glob(pattern): if src in excluded: continue for exclude_pattern in config['exclude_patterns']: if src.match(exclude_pattern): break else: yield self(str(src))