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"""create tasks related to documentation generation

Example to create tasks to:
 - spell check all restructured text files (including README)
 - build sphinx docs in `doc` folder
 - upload built sphinx docs to `pythonhosted` using `setuptools`


    def task_docs():
        doc_files = glob.glob('doc/*.rst') + ['README.rst']
        yield docs.spell(doc_files, 'doc/dictionary.txt')
        yield docs.sphinx('doc/', 'doc/_build/html/', task_dep=['spell'])
        yield docs.pythonhosted_upload('doc/_build/html/', task_dep=['sphinx'])


import subprocess

def check_no_output(doc_file, dictionary):
    """run spell checker on file

    spell always return successful code (0)
    so this checks if the output is empty
    # -l list misspelled words
    # -p set path of personal dictionary
    cmd = 'hunspell -l -d en_US -p {} {}'.format(dictionary, doc_file)
    output = subprocess.check_output(cmd, shell=True,

    if len(output) != 0:
        return False
        return True

# task creator
[docs]def spell(files, dictionary): """spell checker for doc files :param list-str files: list of files to spell check :param str dictionary: path of dictionary with extra words """ for doc_file in files: yield { 'basename': 'spell', 'name': doc_file, 'actions': [(check_no_output, (doc_file, dictionary))], 'file_dep': [dictionary, doc_file], 'verbosity': 2, } # task creator
[docs]def sphinx(root_path, build_path, sphinx_opts='', task_dep=None): """build sphinx docs :param str root_path: root path of sphinx docs :param str build_path: path generated sphinx docs will be saved in :param str sphinx_opts: `sphinx-build` command line options :param list-str task_dep: list of tasks this task will depend on """ cmd = "sphinx-build -b html {opts} -d {root}_build/doctrees {root} {build}" action = cmd.format(root=root_path, build=build_path, opts=sphinx_opts) # sphinx has its own check it up-to-date so we dont care # about always re-executing the task. task = { 'basename': 'sphinx', 'actions': [action], 'verbosity': 2, } if task_dep: task['task_dep'] = task_dep yield task # task creator
[docs]def pythonhosted_upload(www_path, task_dep): """deploy website (sphinx docs) :param str www_path: path to folder containig www files :param list-str task_dep: list of tasks this task will depend on """ action = "python upload_docs --upload-dir %s" yield { 'basename': 'pythonhosted_upload', 'actions': [action % www_path], 'task_dep': task_dep, 'verbosity': 2, }