django-richtemplates‘s source distribution comes with example project located at example_project of the archive. It’s settings module is configured so it would try to lookup django-richtemplates in it’s parent directory (so try not to move it).

Remember that django-richtemplates needs Django >=1.2 (see Installation and Configuration sections for more information).


We strongly recommend to use virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper and pip combo. You could simply create virtual environment:

mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages richtemplates_test

Simply follow those steps in order to get example_project running:

  1. Go to the example_project directory
  2. Install project’s requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Create sqlite database: python manage.py syncdb
  4. Import richtemplates and django-admin-tools media folders: python manage.py import_media richtemplates admin_tools
  5. Run development server python manage.py runserver
  6. Visit

Example projects shows:

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