Example projector-based project

New in version 0.1.7.

We have included example project for django-projector and it can be found at (surprise!) example_project directory within both repository and source release. As django-projector has many dependancies (see Installation) it may be hard to start at the first glance but this sample project can be used as entry point.


We use example project to run tests.

In order to run example project we need to make some preparation first.


Step 1 - media files

When specifing commands we assume we are at example_project directory. Before we can run example project we need to include media files. Thanks to django-richtemplates this is as easy as running one management command:

python manage.py import_media richtemplates projector

This would fetch all necessary media files and put them into MEDIA_ROOT defined at settings module.

Step 2 - database

Now we need to create database (we use sqlite3 backend for sample project). Type following command:

python manage.py syncdb

Step 3 - fire up a worker

We need to run a celery worker for some heavy jobs to be done asynchronously. As we use celery we need to start it at one terminal:

python manage.py celeryd -l DEBUG

Step 4 - finalize

In fact there is no step 4 - simply run development server:

python manage.py runserver

... and open http://localhost:8000 location in a browser.

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