Welcome to django-mothertongue

A light-weight translation application designed to simplify the process of creating multi-lingual websites and serving appropriate content.

Some reasons for using mothertongue:

  • In-built integration with django-localeurl 1.4 or above
  • Automatic langauge detection and redirect based on the user’s browser settings
  • Automatic redirecting, state and querystring persistence on language change
  • Language navigation menu object made available globally for easy implementation of language changing controls
  • Extend from django-mothertongues’ translation model to allow translation of any model you choose in as many languages as you define in your settings file
  • No fiddly language template tags - django-mothertongue handles all the magic!
  • Translate all your model fields or just one or two
  • django-mothertongue is compatible with django-tinymce
  • django-mothertongue can work side by side with django-rosetta or on its own
  • Search engines will index all languages.

You can install mothertongue with pip

pip install django-mothertongue

The mothertongue code is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.txt file in the distribution.

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