Deltas – Experimental Difference Algorithms

This library provides utilities for generating deltas (A.K.A sequences of operations) representing the difference between two sequences of comparable tokens. This library is intended to be used to make experimental difference detection strategies more easily available.


>>> from deltas import segment_matcher, text_split
>>> a = text_split.tokenize("This is some text.  This is some other text.")
>>> b = text_split.tokenize("This is some other text.  This is some text.")
>>> operations = segment_matcher.diff(a, b)
>>> for op in operations:
...     print(, repr(''.join(a[op.a1:op.a2])),
...           repr(''.join(b[op.b1:op.b2])))
equal 'This is some other text.' 'This is some other text.'
insert ' ' '  '
equal 'This is some text.' 'This is some text.'
delete '  ' ''


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