Notes on External Libraries


As pip is a command line tool not a library internal docs are rather poor so we provide an overview here:

class PackageFinder(object):
    This finds packages.
    This is meant to match easy_install's technique for looking for
    packages, by reading pages and looking for appropriate links

class RequirementSet(object):
    More interesting to us as has tools for downloading and unpacking ...
    def __init__(self, build_dir, src_dir, download_dir, download_cache=None,
                 upgrade=False, ignore_installed=False,
    src_dir, build_dir not used in unpack_*
    (used in install/install_files, create_bundle)

    def unpack_url(self, link, location, only_download=False):

Downloading: Pages, VCS Systems etc

class Link(object):
    Represents a url with a bit of extra info

    def __init__(self, url, comes_from=None):

class VcsSupport
    cache vcs support information and override urlparse in useful ways

class VersionControl
    base class with various implementations e.g. Subversion, Mercurial etc

class HTMLPage

class PageCache

Probably not relevant to us

class InstallRequirement
    Looks like it handles actually installing something!
    ~600 lines of code

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