syntax based on python operator


let(a,1), (b,2)), write(1)), let({a:1, b:2}, write(1)), hope use less parentheses and brackets, to make it more readable and easier to be understand.

idea a burst of insight insight

theory to implement syntax on python operator spend long time on th wrong way, I reached the turning point suddenly. Mountain darkly, vista. Beyond the pale fruitless searching, have come to totally waste of effort. 山重水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村。踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫。 meta class technique,finite state machine,regular expression。 the things I learned when I implemented syntax on python operator

twenty days and three hours

operator matcher

examples: some tools that help you define operator grammars to preparse python expression. see for a real sample.

>>> from oad.term import Var
>>> from oad.builtins.terminal import eos
>>> from oad.builtins.term import pytuple, first
>>> bindings, body = Var('bindings'), Var('body')
>>> do = word('do')
>>> let = element('let', call(bindings)+do+getitem(body)+eos+pytuple(first(bindings), body))
>>> preparse(let({'x':1}).do[1,2])
({'x': 1}, (1, 2))

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