CyrTranslit 0.4

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Author:Open Data Kosovo

What is CyrTranslit?

A Python package for bi-directional transliteration of Cyrillic script text into Roman alphabet text and vice versa.

By default, transliterates for the Serbian language. A language flag can be set in order to transliterate to and from Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Russian.

What is transliteration?

Transliteration is the conversion of a text from one script to another. For instance, a Roman alphabet transliteration of the Serbian phrase “Република Косово” is “Republika Kosovo”.

How do I install this?

CyrTranslit is hosted in the Python Package Index (PyPI) so it can be installed in the Terminal using pip:

Latest version:
$ python -m pip install cyrtranslit
Specific version:
$ python -m pip install cyrtranslit==0.4
Minimum version:
$ python -m pip install cyrtranslit>=0.4

What languages are supported?

CyrTranslit currently supports bi-directional transliteration of Montenegrin, Serbian, Macedonian, and Russian:

>>> import cyrtranslit
>>> cyrtranslit.supported()
['me', 'sr', 'mk', 'ru']``

How do I use this?


>>> import cyrtranslit
>>> cyrtranslit.to_latin('Мој ховеркрафт је пун јегуља')
'Moj hoverkraft je pun jegulja'
>>> cyrtranslit.to_cyrillic('Moj hoverkraft je pun jegulja')
'Мој ховеркрафт је пун јегуља'


>>> import cyrtranslit
>>> cyrtranslit.to_latin('Моето летачко возило е полно со јагули', 'mk')
'Moeto letačko vozilo e polno so jaguli'
>>> cyrtranslit.to_cyrillic('Moeto letačko vozilo e polno so jaguli', 'mk')
'Моето летачко возило е полно со јагули'


>>> import cyrtranslit
>>> cyrtranslit.to_latin('Република Косово', 'me')
'Republika Kosovo'
>>> cyrtranslit.to_cyrillic('Republika Kosovo', 'me')
'Република Косово'


>>> import cyrtranslit
>>> cyrtranslit.to_latin('Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей', 'ru')
'Moyo sudno na vozdushnoj podushke polno ugrej'
>>> cyrtranslit.to_cyrillic('Moyo sudno na vozdushnoj podushke polno ugrej', 'ru')
'Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей'

How can I contribute?

You can include support for other Cyrillic script alphabets. Follow these steps in order to do so:

  1. Create a new transliteration dictionary in the file and reference to it in the TRANSLIT_DICT dictionary.
  2. Watch out for cases where two consecutive Roman alphabet letters are meant to transliterate into a single Cyrillic script letter. These cases need to be explicitely checked for inside the to_cyrillic() function in
  3. Add test cases inside of
  4. Update the documentation in the and in the doc directory.
Consider contributing support for the following Cyrillic scripts:
  • Bulgarian
  • Ukrainian