Slicer Server

It is possible to plug-in cubes from other slicer servers using the Slicer Server backend.


Slicer backend


If the server has a JSON record limit set, then the backend will receive only limited number of facts.

Store Configuration and Model

Type is slicer

  • url – Slicer URL
  • authentication – authentication method of the source server (supported only none and pass_parameter)
  • auth_identity – authentication identity (or API key) for pass_parameter authentication.


type: slicer

For more than one slicer define one datastore per source Slicer server.


Slicer backend generates the model on-the-fly from the source server. You have to specify that the provider is slicer:

    "provider": "slicer"

For more than one slicer, create one file per source Slicer server and specify the data store:

    "provider": "slicer",
    "store": "slicer_2"


Create a model.json:

    "provider": "slicer"

Create a slicer.ini:

model: slicer_model.json

type: slicer

prettyprint: true

Run the server:

slicer serve slicer.ini

Get a list of cubes:

curl "http://localhost:5000/cubes"

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