Source code for crawley.persistance.connectors

    Database connectors for elixir
from crawley.manager.utils import exit_with_error

[docs]class Connector(object): """ A Connector represents an object that can provide the database connection to the elixir framework. """ def __init__(self, settings): self.settings = settings
[docs] def get_connection_string(self): """ Returns the connection string to the corresponding database """ pass
[docs]class SimpleConnector(Connector): """ A simple connector for a database without host and user. I.E: sqlite """ def get_connection_string(self): return "%s:///%s" % (self.settings.DATABASE_ENGINE, self.settings.DATABASE_NAME)
[docs]class HostConnector(Connector): """ A connector for a database that requires host, user and password. I.E: postgres """ def get_connection_string(self): user_pass = "%s:%s" % (self.settings.DATABASE_USER, self.settings.DATABASE_PASSWORD) host_port = "%s:%s" % (self.settings.DATABASE_HOST, self.settings.DATABASE_PORT) return "%s://%s@%s/%s" % (self.settings.DATABASE_ENGINE, user_pass, host_port, self.settings.DATABASE_NAME)
[docs]class SqliteConnector(SimpleConnector): """ Sqlite3 Engine connector """ name = "sqlite"
[docs]class MySqlConnector(HostConnector): """ Mysql Engine connector """ name = "mysql"
[docs]class OracleConnector(HostConnector): """ Oracle Engine connector """ name = "oracle"
[docs]class PostgreConnector(HostConnector): """ Postgre Engine connector """ name = "postgres"
class ConnectorsDict(dict): def __getitem__(self, key): if key in self: return dict.__getitem__(self, key) else: exit_with_error("No recognized database Engine") connectors = ConnectorsDict() connectors.update({ : PostgreConnector, : OracleConnector, : MySqlConnector, : SqliteConnector})