Source code for crawley.manager.commands.startproject

import shutil
import os.path

from command import BaseCommand
from utils import generate_template

[docs]class StartProjectCommand(BaseCommand): """ Starts a new crawley project. Copies the files inside conf/project_template in order to generate a new project """ name = "startproject" def validations(self): return [(len(self.args) >= 1, "No given project name")] def execute(self): project_name = self.args[0] if not os.path.exists(project_name): shutil.os.mkdir(project_name) generate_template("settings", project_name, project_name) crawler_dir = os.path.join(project_name, project_name) if not os.path.exists(crawler_dir): shutil.os.mkdir(crawler_dir) generate_template("models", project_name, crawler_dir) generate_template("crawlers", project_name, crawler_dir)