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from crawley.crawlers import BaseCrawler 
from crawley.extractors import XPathExtractor

from command import BaseCommand
from utils import exit_with_error

[docs]class ShellCommand(BaseCommand): """ Shows an url data in a console like the XPathExtractor see it. So users can interactive scrape the data. """ name = "shell" def validations(self): return [(len(self.args) >= 1, "No given url")] def execute(self): try: import IPython except ImportError: exit_with_error("Please install the ipython console") url = self.args[0] crawler = BaseCrawler() data = crawler._get_data(url) html = XPathExtractor().get_object(data) shell = IPython.Shell.IPShellEmbed(argv=[], user_ns={ 'html' : html }) shell()