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from eventlet import GreenPool

from crawley.crawlers import BaseCrawler 
from crawley.persistance import Entity, UrlEntity, setup

from command import ProjectCommand
from syncdb import SyncDbCommand
from utils import inspect_module, import_user_module

[docs]class RunCommand(ProjectCommand): """ Run the user's crawler Reads the file to obtain the user's crawler classes and then run these crawlers. """ name = "run" def execute(self): syncdb = SyncDbCommand(self.args) syncdb.checked_execute() crawler = import_user_module("crawlers") models = import_user_module("models") Spiders = inspect_module(crawler, BaseCrawler) UrlStorage = inspect_module(models, UrlEntity, get_first=True) pool = GreenPool() for Spider in Spiders: spider = Spider(storage=UrlStorage) pool.spawn_n(spider.start) pool.waitall()