colormap 0.9.4 documentation



You will need to install Python (linux and mac users should have it installed already). We recommend also to install ipython, which provides a more flexible shell alternative to the python shell itself. colormap requires matplotlib and easydev, which are available on pypi and installed automatically with this package.


Since colormap is available on PyPi, the following command should install the package and its dependencies automatically:

pip install colormap


Using the :class`~colormap.colors.Colormap` class

Create your own colormap from red to green colors with intermediate color as whitish (diverging map from red to green):

from colormap import Colormap
c = Colormap()
mycmap = c.cmap_linear('red', 'white', 'green(w3c)')

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


Using the aliases

Without creating an instance of Colormap, you can use these functions:

from colormap import cmap_builder, test_cmap
mycm = cmap_builder('red', 'black', 'yellow')

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


Visualise set of colormap

Another convenient feature is to look at a set of colormaps altogether:

c = Colormap()

Other set names are:

  • sequentials2,
  • misc
  • diverging
  • diverging_black
  • qualitative

See user guide for details.

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